Owner and Physical Therapist
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Matthew Pullano

Owner and Physical Therapist Matt Pullano graduated from Union Endicott high school and continued his education at University at Buffalo where he received his physical therapy degree in 1997. After 6 years of watching his employer conform to the big box store health care mentality, he started his own practice. Matt's philosophy is that the hands of a therapist are where the skill is transferred to provide the best possible PT experience. Over 23 years, the thirst to develop professionally has only increased. Sports and competition have made physical performance not only the focus professionally, but personally.

With age, aggression, and working harder than everyone else is tempered. The desire is no less, but the method needs to change. Nutrition, rest, intention, focus, and overall ease of movement, to know what a body can tolerate and still improve, have a stronger influence in achieving goals. This is all transferred to Matt's approach in providing treatment to patients.

With two children now in college, it affords more caregiving, time, and energy to his patients. Matt is grateful to those patients, as it has provided him with an accumulation of skills that he can benefit from personally and they can benefit from professionally. Every patient experience enriches the knowledge-base to amplify the desire to provide better care.

It was through an injury of his own that created an interest in PT after an ACL tear while snow skiing at 15 years old. Following surgery the discovery of enjoyment in the exercise aspect of therapy and intrigue with anatomy made PT an easy career choice.

Matt’s activities have never been limited by the ACL injury. He has many national-level podium finishes in waterskiing, SCCA racing, and an international OCR event. At a regional level, mountain biking, motocross, and motorcycle road racing have added several other physical injuries, which add to a personal connection with many of his patients’ injuries. To maintain a level of cardiovascular fitness, running and road cycling are a constantly in the mix. 

The specific areas of interest, orthopedically, have changed for Matt over the years. Currently, providing care to any injury is seen as an opportunity to share, learn, and use creativity to bond with a patient through better human connectivity.