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to do our part to contribute in this crisis as health care providers

Don’t make yourself unhealthy in the mission of isolation. There are multiple factors to good health that require engagement with varied environments. The cypher of information is ephemeral and unpredictable to an abhorrent degree. As students of life we gain knowledge most emphatically through our own experiences. The COVID-19 experience is new but the inherent problem is not.

Illness has always been something to be weary of. Caution and recklessness are the extremes of two opposing philosophies. Most individuals will settle somewhere in the middle of these extremes. We can’t predict the future and looking into the past is by no means a way to try. The past is where we can recall knowledge gained to make the most expert decisions about what we will do next, despite the uncertainty of the future.

My plea is for everyone to empower their fitness, nutrition, mental acuity, emotional state, and creativity everyday. This must not start tomorrow. If we learn anything from this it will be we need to generate change today. Not one of us is without flaws, and flaws are easy to see in others. If we reflect on ourselves and accept our imperfect nature as universal, this likeness can unite us.

Together we can fix the problem, we have to fix the problem.

Learn about the environment at its base level and feel the power within nature and the bounty it provides. Within this quagmire of bacteria and microbes we find what exists can be the answer to healing as well as destroying . Be brave in your quest and use the empirical sense to chose what you feel is right, but please think for yourself.

Pullano Physical Therapy’s commitment is to provide the best healing capabilities with the skill set accrued by our brave staff. People who would be incomplete without the opportunity to empathize and encourage patients to a healthier state. Be well, and do what you are able to contribute to the human consciousness and not the collapse of biology on the planet.



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